In this section, you’ll find an ongoing compilation of results from television shows and arena cards in the Steel Belt. The primary source for these results is simple observation — we’ve brought together first-hand accounts from people who were at the matches or watched them on TV. On some occasions, we have used newspapers as a source for results. We try to avoid this if possible because newspapers rarely staff pro wrestling matches. More often, a promoter or fan phoned results in to a friendly editor, and the margin for error is substantial. But, sometimes, they are the only source we have.
How they’re divided

We’ve broken down the results section into four subdivisions — New York, Pennsylvania, Ohio, and TV. Within each state, we have further subdivided results by town so you can easily see the way feuds and rematches were presented to fans in that market.
Disagree with the results?

OK, first of all — don’t get worked up about it. We’re talking about pro wrestling results from many, many years ago. If there’s inconsistency in some sources, wrestlers probably don’t lose much sleep over it. If you do have conflicting results or card dates, let us know as long as you can provide proper supporting documentation.

A special words of thanks is owed to Don Luce, one of wrestling’s foremost historians, who has been pouring over old newspapers from the Steel belt area for many years. You’ll find his credit on many of the results.