Call the Cops

Still getting the kinks worked out as we move this to more of a blog format, which seems to be the trend these days. I have to relink a lot of photos.

Waldo von Erich, 1972

Waldo von Erich, 1972

I wanted to add this photo though, which is was in a different pile than the ones of Waldo von Erich on the site. Bill Wippert took this in Buffalo on Feb. 9, 1972. von Erich successfully defended the NWF world title against Tony Parisi on that card. His reign as NWF world champ was the longest in the brief history of the promotion. To my knowledge, this is the only shot of him with the world belt, which Johnny Powers told me the promotion had made. I suppose others could be in someone’s basement; if so, I wish they’d materialize.

What’s noteworthy about the picture is the sheer number of Buffalo’s finest. There’s four visible in the picture and they are very tightly knit around Waldo. It’s a sign of the hatred he riled up; Parisi and Dom DeNucci were big-nosed spaghetti benders, and those were Waldo’s gentler remarks. Greg Oliver profiled him in his Canadians book, and Greg and I wrote a long piece on him in our Heels book. Still, there was a lot that we left out of the bios. One was his explanation of the style that earned him so much police protection:

I never went out there and told people I would rip the guy’s arm off, or bury him, because they know that’s bullshit. I would just go out and say, [dropping into a low voice] ‘I enjoy twisting their arms, making them hurt and suffer.’ See, people grasp that.