Cleveland – 1974

Feb. 14, 1974
Cleveland Arena
1) Ox Baker DDQ Ernie Ladd
2) The Love Brothers drew Dominic DeNucci & Gene Weiss
3) Heather Feather won a five-girl elimination bout
4) Bulldog Brower & Pampero Firpo b. Kurt von Hess & Karl von Schotz, DQ
5) Ron Pritchard b. Walter Johnson, DQ

Feb. 17, 1974
Elyria Catholic High
1) Bulldog Brower and Chief White Owl b. Eric the Animal and Gypsy Joe.
Fall 1) White Owl. p. Eric after a series of tomahawk chops
Fall 2) Eric hit White Owl with his bone and pinned him
Fall 3) Brower b. Gypsy Joe, bearhug
2) Bobo Brazil b. Ben Justice, referee's decision. Brazil had Justice in an abdominal stretch as the time limit bell rang
3) Ernie Ladd b. Johnny Powers, DQ. Ladd threw Powers out of the ring, where he grabbed a rope, choked Ladd, and pinned him. Bulldog Brower saw what happened, ran in, and knocked the rope out of Powers' hand. Powers was then DQ'ed.
4) Chief Big Heart b. Ox Baker, DQ. Baker gave Big Heart three heart punches and pinned him. He continued to give him heart punches and was DQ'ed for fighting after the bell.
(From Jeff Kinsley notes)

Mar. 14, 1974
Cleveland Arena
1) Crusher Verdu b. Ivan Kalmikoff, 10:23
2) Tony Marino drew Killer Brooks, 30:00
3) The Mighty Igor b. Ben Justice, DQ, 12:09
4) Kurt von Hess & Karl von Schotz b. Chief White Owl & Billy Five, 29:40
5) Lou Thesz b. Mickey Doyle, 12:06
6) Sonny King b. Jack Vansky, 0:53
7) Little Louie & Bobo Johnson b. Little Tokyo & Little Bruiser, 15:21
8) Bulldog Brower won an 18-man elimination battle royal. Five, White Owl, Thesz, and Johnny Powers were the last four eliminated.
9) Ernie Ladd b. Ox Baker, cage match 9:34, to win the North American title (special referee Sonny King)

Mar. 21, 1974
Cleveland Arena
1) Kabooki & Hank James b. Raymond Rougeau & Mickey Doyle, 18:04
2) Gene Weiss drew Gypsy Joe, 15:00
3) Johnny Powers b. Bulldog Brower, COR, 9:54
4) Ox Baker b. Sonny King, COR, 10:47
5) Seigi Sakaguchi b. Bolo Mongol
6) Antonio Inoki drew Ernie Ladd, 60:00

Mar. 28, 1974
Cleveland Arena
1) Billy Five b. Kabooki, 26:06
2) Hank James b. Raymond Rougeau, 13:09 (used ropes)
3) Crusher Verdu DCOR Bulldog Brower, 9:23
4) Johnny Powers b. Ernie Ladd, DQ, 25:16
5) Boxing match: Sonny King b. Ox Baker, DQ, 1:17 of round 6. (Powers seconded Baker while Brower seconded King. Before the sixth round, Powers rubbed some ointment on Baker's glove. Baker rubbed the ointment into King's eyes and was DQ'ed.)
6) Bobo Brazil & Pampero Firpo & Walter Johnson b. Kurt von Hess & Karl von Schotz & George "Man Mountain" Cannon, COR, 23:09
7) Bobo Johnson b. Little Tokyo, 26:05

Apr. 25, 1974
Cleveland Arena
1) Eric the Animal b. Dr. Beech
2) Hank James b. Mickey Doyle
3) Bobo Brazil b. Bolo Mongol
4) Pampero Firpo b. Peppi DiPasquale
5) Johnny Powers b. Sonny King, referee’s decision
6) Ox Baker b. Bulldog Brower, coal miner’s glove match
7) Bull Curry b. Killer Brooks, DQ

May 23, 1974
Cleveland Arena
1) Fabulous Kangaroos b. Aztec Joe & Fred Curry, 25:09
2) Moose Cholak b. Dr. Beech, 6:06
3) Mighty Igor b. Ali Baba, 1:51
4) Tony Marino DDQ Ben Justice
5) Cowboy Lang b. Little Tokyo, 21:09
6) Bobo Brazil DCOR Hank James, 15:46
7) Bull Curry b. Ox Baker (special referee-Johnny Powers)

June 6, 1974
Cleveland Arena (last show at Arena)
1) Hank James b. Carlos Belafonte (later Colon)
2) The Beast b,. Eric the Animal, DQ, 18:54
3) Ben Justice drew Fred Currry, 30:00
4) The Sheik DDQ Ernie Ladd
5) Masked Crusader & Edouard Carpentier b. Love Brothers, 28:27

Nov. 25, 1974
Richfield Coliseum
1) Zulu b. Dr. X
2) Leo Burke b. Chief Bold Eagle
3) Bobo Johnson & Tahiti Kid b. Mighty Atlas & Little Tokyo
4) Johnny Powers & The Mighty Igor b. Kim Duk & Mitsu Arakawa
5) Ox Baker b. Moose Cholak, COR
6) The Sheik DCOR Dick the Bruiser
7) Bobo Brazil & Fred Curry b. Kurt von Hess & Baron von Krupp, DQ

Dec. 30, 1974
Masonic Auditorium
1) Walter Johnson b. Lanny Poffo, DQ
2) Kathy McCoy b. Kay Casey
3) Hank James b. Baron von Krupp, COR
4) The Sheik & Abdullah the Butcher b. Ernie Ladd & Johnny Powers, DQ
5) Fred Curry b. Angelo Poffo