Buffalo – 1969

After a layoff of about 10 months, wrestling returned to Buffalo shortly after Labor Day 1969. Johnny Powers had been having some success running regular shows in Cleveland, and a tag team that he put together – the Love Brothers – was drawing well there. The Loves, actually John Evands (Reginald) and Wes Hutchins (Hartford) were heels who also fought heels.

The most interesting appearance in 1969’s abbreviated schedule was the team of George Strickland and Dr. Sam Sheppard, the Cleveland physician accused of murdering his wife, Marilyn, in 1954. Sheppard landed in jail for 10 years after a sensational trial; he was acquitted at a retrial in 1966. Consumed by alcoholism, Sheppard died as a broken man a few months later in April 1970.

Sept. 19, 1969
Memorial Auditorium Assembly Hall (att. 800)
1) Hartford & Reginald Love b. Johnny Powers & Bobby “Hurricane” Hunt
2) Moose Cholak b. Bill Terry
3) Woody Johnson b. Al Schiller
4) Li’l Abner Osborne b. Jerry Dorsey
5) Frank Durso drew Mario Fraterolli

Sept. 26, 1969
Memorial Auditorium Assembly Hall (att. 1,000)
1) Johnny Powers & Moose Cholak b. Hartford & Reginald Love, DQ
2) Woody Johnson b. Andy Martin, 0:58
3) Li’l Abner Osborne b. Terry Yorkston
4) Al Schiller b. Juan Toledo
5) Bill Terry b. Mario Fraterolli

Oct. 3, 1969
Memorial Auditorium (att. 2,108)
1) The Fabulous Kangaroos (Al Costello & Don Kent; Kent identified as Joe Smith, his real name) drew Hartford & Reginald Love, 2/3 falls
    Fall one) Costello DCOR Reginald
    Fall two) Hartford pinned Smith
    Fall three) Costello pinned Reginald, 5:00
2) Woody Johnson b. Terry Yorkston, headbutts, 5:00
3) Dr. Sam Sheppard & George Strickland b. Bill Terry & Andy Martin
    Sheppard pinned Martin, neck nerve press, 10:45
4) Li’l Abner Osborne b. Frank Durso, reverse cradle, 8:00
5) Bobby “Hurricane” Hunt b. Al Schiller, dropkick, 14:00

Oct. 17, 1969
Memorial Auditorium (att. 2,010)
1) The Fabulous Kangaroos b. Johnny Powers & Li’l Abner Osborne
2) Hartford & Reginald Love b. Bill Terry & Woody Johnson
3) Mario Fraterolli drew Terry Yorkston
4) Frank Durso b. Mario Fraterolli
5) Andy Martin b. Al Schiller

Nov. 28, 1969
Memorial Auditorium
Giant Saka vs Johnny Powers
The Fabulous Kangaroos, Bulldog Brower and Hans Schmidt were also to be on the card, which was postponed. No more shows this year.