Buffalo – 1968

Following on the slow times of 1967, wrestling in 1968 was sporadic and pass through a couple of promoters. Bobby Bruns promoted the annual Parade of Champions show, which uncharacteristically was held in April. The event featured an NWA title defense by Gene Kiniski, although WWWF champion Bruno Sammartino had appeared as title holder about 18 months before.

Late in the year, Bruns made an attempt to reinvigorate wrestling in Buffalo in a tried-and-true fashion. He brought back the area’s most infamous tag team, Doc and Mike Gallagher, for several matches against a dream pairing of Argentina Rocca and Johnny Powers. The Gallaghers had ended their long pairing in 1966, as Mike went into business in North Carolina and Doc was working at a health club in Atlanta. Reliance on the Gallaghers seemed to spark interest for a couple of cards, but the territory was again flat by the end of the year, which a final show was cancelled.

January 5, 1968
Memorial Auditorium (att. 3,232)
1) Bobo Brazil & Mark Lewin (sub for Antonino Rocca) b. The Fabulous Kangaroos (Al Costello and Ray St. Clair)
2) Fred Curry b. Man Mountain Cannon
3) Bull Curry b. Ace Freeman
4) Donn Lewin b. Ted Bayly
5) Woody Johnson & Tony Marino b. Ron “Bull” Johnson & Rocky Montana

February 2, 1968

Memorial Auditorium
1) Ernie Ladd b. Johnny Powers, DQ, 15:28, as Powers failed to break hold
2) The Beast failed to throw Woody Johnson, no fall in 5 minutes
3) Cowboy Bradley & Joey Russell b. Little Brutus and Sky Low Low, 2/3 falls, Russell pinned Brutus in third
4) Donn Lewin b. Frank Millazzo, sleeper, 7:18
5) Walter Bos drew Rocky Montana, 20:00

April 6, 1968

Memorial Auditorium (att. 4,342)
1) Gene Kiniski beat Hans Schmidt, NWA heavyweight title match, backbreaker, 21:15
2) Johnny Powers b. Crusher Lisowski
3) Antonino Rocca b. The Mongol
4) Jim Nance b. Don Evans
5) Edouard Carpentier b. Mr. X
6) Sylvain Richard & Andy Martin b. Bill Terry & Wes Hutchins

Oct. 11, 1968 (promoted by Bruns)

Memorial Auditorium (att. 4,730)
1) Moose Cholak b. Johnny Powers, big splash
2) Hans Schmidt b. Angelo Poffo, backbreaker
3) Mitsu Arakawa & Mr. Moto drew Cal Pullins & Donn Lewin, 45:00, 1 fall each
4) Masked Marvel b. Wes Hutchins, hangman's noose
5) Gino Angelo b. Jerry Dorsey, bearhug, 8:58
6) Don Evans b. Bill Terry, bodyslams

October 25, 1968
Memorial Auditorium (att. 4,463)
1) Doc & Mike Gallagher b. Antonino Rocca and Johnny Powers, 2/3 falls
    Fall one) Mike pinned Powers, 12:08, leap from top rope
    Fall two) Powers beat Doc, Powerlock, 9:11
    Fall three) Doc pinned Powers, 5:05
2) Hans Schmidt b. Gino Angelo, backbreaker, 15:10
3) Little Beaver b. Joey Russell, 13:10
4) Donn Lewin drew Masked Marvel, 20:00
5) Les Martin b. Ron “Bull” Johnson, giant swing, 7:01

Nov. 8, 1968
Memorial Auditorium (att. 3,000)
1) Doc & Mike Gallagher b. Antonino Rocca & Johnny Powers
2) Hans Schmidt b. The Mongol
3) Donn Lewin b. Gino Angelo, DQ
4) Li’l Abner Osborne b. Masked Marvel
5) Bill Terry b. Wes Hutchins

Nov. 23, 1968
Memorial Auditorium
1) Doc & Mike Gallagher vs Antonino Rocca & Johnny Powers
2) The Masked Destroyers vs Donn Lewin & Dewey Robertson
3) Hans Schmidt vs Larry Moquin
4) The Boomerangs vs Li’l Abner Osborne & Terry Yorkston
5) Chin Lee vs Al Schiller
Postponed to Dec. 6, then canceled