Buffalo – 1966

1966 was not a great year for wrestling in Buffalo. Promoter Pedro Martinez, faced with declining audiences, cut back the number of shows to the lowest level in years. In addition, the Friday night cards, which were taped and shown on local television the next night (WBEN-TV), were replaced by tapes from Chicago. The combination meant just one card late in the year. The highlight of the season was "Lookie, Lookie, Here Comes Cookie," as ex-Bills running back Cookie Gilchrist was special referee for a match between Moose Cholak and Bobo Brazil in April. Cholak twice tossed Gilchrist aside after Cookie warned him about using his headgear as a weapon on the popular Brazil. Finally, Gilchrist reared back and flattened the Moose, and gave the match to Brazil by disqualification. Gilchrist, who could safely be described as an iconoclast (a look at cookiegilchrist.com is in order), ended up in Denver that year and carried the pigskin just 82 more times as a pro.

January 14, 1966
Memorial Auditorium (att. 3,128)
1) Johnny Powers b. The Beast, 35:01
2) Sailor Art Thomas b. Magnificent Maurice, elbow smashes, 0:15
3) Sonny Boy Cassidy & Little Beaver b. Fuzzy Cupid & Pancho Lopez, 2/3 falls
    Beaver p. Lopez, 4:47, fall 3
4) Miguel Perez b. Tarzan Tyler, DQ, 25:15
5) Emile Dupre b. Ron “Bull” Bull Johnson, 19:31

February 18, 1966
Memorial Auditorium (att. 3,888)
1) Johnny Powers b. Hans Schmidt, 15:27
2) Professor Hiro b. Miguel Perez, 10:21
3) Emile Dupre b. Billy Sullivan, 2:04
4) Billy Goelz & Johnny Gilbert b. Oscar Verdu & Rocky Montana, 14:37
5) Donn Lewin drew Tony Marino, 15:00
6) Lord Littlebrook b. Rollie the Hawk, 18:28
7) Ernie Lewington b. Johnny Rinaldi, decision, 20:00

March 11, 1966
Memorial Auditorium (att. 4,176)
1) Johnny Powers b. Moose Cholak, DQ, 18:22, for using headgear
2) Hans Schmidt b. Sailor Art Thomas, 7:32
3) Masked Yankees (described as two 6-9 Canadian giants) b. Miguel Perez & Donn Lewin, 17:23
4) Billy Goelz b. Ron “Bull” Johnson, 8:58
5) Professor Hiro b. Johnny Gilbert, 8:32
6) Honeybear Bauer b. Chico Santana, 7:45
7) Tony Marino b. Steve Stanlee, decision
8) Murray Cummings b. Bozo Brown, 7:22

April 8, 1966
Memorial Auditorium (att. 4,287)
1) Bobo Brazil b. Moose Cholak, DQ, 18:37 (special referee Cookie Gilchrist)
2) Hans Schmidt DDQ Johnny Powers, 20:37, for fighting outside ring
3) Masked Yankees b. The Beast and Magnificent Maurice, 18:27
4) Bill Miller b. Mario Fraterolli , 2:59, & Terry Yorkston, 5:47, handicap match
5) Battman b. Ron “Bull” Johnson, 15:40, using the "batbreaker"

October 21, 1966
Memorial Auditorium
1) Hans Schmidt drew Moose Cholak, 26:00
2) The Mongol b. Miguel Perez
3) Donn Lewin b. Ron “Bull” Johnson
4) Jamaica Kid & Sonny Boy Cassidy b. Billy the Kid and & Brutus
5) The Beast b. Ernie Moore
6) Terry Yorkston drew Matt Gilmore

November 4, 1966
Memorial Auditorium
Main event: Hans Schmidt vs Edouard Carpentier
Canceled due to snow storm

November 18, 1966
Memorial Auditorium (att. 3,467)
1) Hans Schmidt drew Edouard Carpentier, 31:00
2) Sailor Art Thomas b. El Diablo, DQ
3) Lord Littlebrook drew Irish Jackie
4) Johnny Rougeau b. Ron “Bull” Johnson
5) Donn Lewin b. Matt Gilmore, decision
6) Bob Nandor b. Terry Yorkston