NWF Title History

NWF World Title

Johnny Powers (announced as champion June 11, 1971 after having said to have beaten Freddie Blassie in California)

Waldo von Erich (b. Powers, August 18, 1971, Cleveland, Ohio)

Dominic DeNucci (b. von Erich, December 2, 1971, Cleveland)

Waldo von Erich (b. DeNucci, January 5, 1972, Buffalo, NY)

Ernie Ladd (b. von Erich, June 2, 1972, Cleveland, Ohio)

Abdullah the Butcher (b. Ladd, June 24, 1972, Akron, Ohio)

Johnny Valentine (b. Abdullah the Butcher, October 19, 1972)

Jacques Rougeau (won tournament January 24, 1973, Buffalo, NY after Valentine stripped for non-defense. Actually had a money dispute)

Belt not defended through much of 1973

Johnny Powers

Antonio Inoki (b. Powers, December 10, 1973, Tokyo)


NWF North American Title

Moose Cholak (announced as champion November 1968)

Johnny Powers (champion as of May 1969, no recorded bout with Cholak and they were tagging)

Dick Brower (b. Powers, January 1, 1970, Cleveland, Ohio)

Johnny Powers

Dick Brower (b. Powers, July 2, 1970, Cleveland, Ohio)

Johnny Powers

Ernie Ladd (b. Powers, November 1970, Cleveland, Ohio)

Johnny Powers (b. Ladd on WUAB TV, April 3, 1971)

Waldo von Erich (b. Powers, May 27, 1971, Cleveland, Ohio)

Johnny Powers (b. von Erich, November 17, 1971, Buffalo)

Johnny Valentine (b. Powers, September 1, 1972, Cleveland, Ohio)

Ernie Ladd (b. Valentine, November 22, 1972, Buffalo, NY)

Johnny Powers (b. Valentine, Nov. 23, 1972, Cleveland, Ohio)** (yes, two changes to different wrestlers)

Eric the Animal (b. Powers, February 17, 1973, Akron, Ohio)

Johnny Powers (b. Eric the Animal, May 5, 1973, Cleveland, Ohio)

J.B. Psycho (b. Powers, June 16, 1973, Buffalo, NY)

Johnny Powers (b. Psycho, June 24 1973, Akron, Ohio)

Ernie Ladd (b. Powers, January 31, 1974, Cleveland, Ohio)

belt retired


NWF World Tag Team Titles

Mitsu Arakawa and Dr. Moto (announced as champions upon promotion opening in 1968)

Doc & Mike Gallagher (announced as champions, only recorded bout with Arakawa and Moto has Gallaghers defending)

Johnny Powers & Moose Cholak (b. Gallaghers, January 23, 1969, Cleveland, Ohio)

Hartford & Reginald Love (b. Powers & Cholak, April 3, 1969, Cleveland, Ohio)

Donny and Johnny Fargo (as of 1971)

Chief White Owl & Luis Martinez (as of mid-1971, declared champions by virtue of fictitious victory in Cincinnati; actually Johnny suffered broken leg)

Kurt von Hess & Eric the red (won tournament, July 22, 1971, Cleveland, Ohio)

Mitsu Arakawa and Yoshino Sato (January 19, 1972, Buffalo, NY)

Dominic DeNucci & Tony Parisi (early 1972)

Donny & Johnny Fargo (b. Parisi and DeNucci, May 11, 1972, Cleveland, Ohio and May 24, 1972, Buffalo, NY)

Johnny Powers & Jacques Rougeau (May 2, 1973, Buffalo, NY, won tournament)

Geeto Mongol & J.B. Psycho (May 1973)

belt retired


Numerous teams were advertised in print as tag team champions during this era. This is the most complete NWF title history and it's certainly lacking, as you will find print ads touting guys as champions who weren't. This is based on my own records, correspondents reports, live shows attended and other material.


The NWF also advertised a U.S. tag title and a Brass Knucks title sporadically during this period