Jan. 25, 1962 – Pfefer’s reading list

Wrestling fans think of Jack Pfefer as a rascally promoter who practiced personal hygiene at a bare minimum and used an untrimmed pinky fingernail to stab and subsequently eat pickles. (Thanks to Phil Melby, Ginger Levin and a variety of others for those images). The reviled promoter apparently enjoyed humor, too, and he sent a book by H. Allen Smith to Yetter, as noted in this missive. Yetter also is miffed by the low pay for some of his stories—$30 for a 2,500-word feature in Police Gazette, which was an important source of sports news early in the 20th century. It says a lot about Police Gazette when Yetter said it can’t measure up to the standard of wrestling mags, and if you saw Police Gazette at the time, you know he was right.

Yetter-Jan 25 1962