Pittsburgh – 1934

January 12, 1934
Northside Arena
1) Len Macaluso b. Stan Sokolis, 16:12
2) Gino Garibaldi b. Stanley Pinto, 28:23
3) Hans Kampfer b. Ray Steele, 45:00. Judges voted for a draw but referee voted for Kampfer
4) John Kline b. John Barron, 20:00
5) Frank Brunowicz b. Bruno Gossarini, 22:20

October 13, 1934
Duquesne Garden (gate $1,700)
1) Sandor Szabo b. Frank Burnowicz, 46:25
2) Hans Kampfer b. Mike Romano, 21:02
3) Karl Pojello (called "Paul") b. Vanka Zelesniak
4) Stan Sokolis b. Jack Zarnos, 15:22

November 15, 1934
Duquesne Garden
1) Jim Londos b. Vic Christy, 34:00 (special referee-Jack Dempsey)
2) Karl Pojello b. Little Beaver, 17:00 (Dempsey also refereed this and slugged beaver after Beaver threatened him, allowing Pojello to fall on top for the fall)
3) Pat O'Shocker drew Billy Bartush, 60:00
4) Hans Kampfer b. Henry Piers, 20:00
Note: "The old Manassa Mauler as part of the wrestling routine? Oh Mr. Dempsey how could you." – Lester Biederman, Pittsburgh Press

December 13, 1934
Duquesne Garden (gate $3,600)
1) Jim Londos b. Gino Garibaldi, 48:13
2) Hans Kampfer b. Steve Znoski
3) Karl Pojello b. Floyd Marshall, decision, 30:00
4) Wee Willie Davis b. Little Beaver
Note: According to Pittsburgh Press, Londos' train left at 11:30. Around 11, someone told him the time and the match was over by 11:05. "Londos could have thrown Garibaldi two minutes after they went to the mat."