Pittsburgh – 1920

January 26, 1920
Pittsburgh Southside Market
Jim Londos bout called off because he had pneumonia

April 15, 1920
Pittsburgh Labor Temple
1) Jim Londos b. Jim Cobte in 46:17
2) Gene Mazzan vs Charlie Platos (result unknown)

May 19, 1920
Pittsburgh Exposition Hall
1) Jim Londos vs Yussif Hussane
Bout turned into an exhibition
Pitttsburgh Press: "The racket failed. Money difficulties appeared early and the exhibition was cut. Hussane must have been paid in advance. Not so Londos." An announcement was made that Hussane's backers would each fork over $1 to recompense Londos, who declined the offer. "He went on the mat generously, which was about as thin as the crowd." The bout was declared an exhibition with no betting permitted. Those who left early, said mostly to be Syrians, missed a better show than recent Stecher contests. "There was more wrestling and less bunk stuff."
Note: Londos said to own several apartments "up river."
2) 2) Mort Henderson vs Jim Cobty (result unknown)

July 2, 1920
Butler, Pa., Majestic Theater
1) Jim Londos b. Cyclone Mitchell, 2/3 falls
2) Alexander Thomas drew Gene Mazzan