Dec. 11, 1961 – Hooded commentator

Following up on the 1961 Wrestlethon, Yetter notes a decent, though not stellar attendance, of 8,217, and the big names of three Germans – Kurt Stein, who will fight The Sheik, Karl Estatz (sp), better known as Karl Gotch, and Hans Hermann. Since we have very little from Cleveland TV at the time, it is interesting to see Martinez was using Hermann as a masked commentator then wrestler.

Yetter is probably just speculating on Rogers’ injury and whether he would have to meet Bruiser or Jackie Fargo. Bruiser was U.S. champ in Detroit around this time and Fargo held a minor world title at the time. Still, Yetter had his ear to the ground and he might have picked up some rumblings of dissatisfaction with Rogers.

Dec. 11, 1961