Buffalo TV – 1956

Buffalo TV – 1956

Promoter – Pedro Martinez presented live TV matches in Buffalo in 1956 and 1957

September 15
WGR-TV studio
1) Dick Beyer drew Bob Leipler
2) Mr. Moto b. Tony Silipini
3) Guy Brunetti & Joe Brunetti b. Fred Atkins & Alex Mulko

September 22
WGR-TV studio
1) Fred Atkins b. Alex Mulko
2) Mr. Moto b. Lou Klein
3) Baron Gattoni b. Bobby Burns

September 29
WGR-TV studio
1) Hard Boiled Haggerty b. Lionel Baillargeon  
2) Baron Gattoni b. Shag Thomas
3) Ilio DiPaolo b. Martin Hutzler

October 6

WGR-TV studio
1) Dick Beyer b. Shag Thomas
2) Mr. Moto b. Frank (Scotty) Thompson
3) Ilio DiPaolo b. Roberto Pico

October 13
WGR-TV studio 1
) Ilio DiPaolo b. Jack Wentworth
2) Baron Gattoni b. Maurice LaPointe
3) Mr. Moto b. Lionel Baillargeon

October 20
WGR-TV studio
1) Karl Karlsson b. Frank (Scotty) Thompson
2) Baron Gattoni b. Maurice LaPointe
3) Ilio DiPaolo b. Danny Ferrazza

October 27

WGR-TV studio
1) Guy Brunetti b. Shag Thomas
2) Joe Brunetti b. Abe Zvonkin
3) Sky Hi Lee drew Tex McKenzie

November 3
WGR-TV studio
1) Gene Kiniski b. Sky Hi Lee, decision 2
) Baron Gattoni b. Frank (Scotty) Thompson
3) NWA World champion Whipper Billy Watson b. Mighty Ursus

November 10
WGR-TV studio
1) Steve Stanlee b. Abe Zvonkin
2) Gene Kiniski b. Lionel Baillargeon
3) Ilio DiPaolo b. Lou Klein

November 17
WGR-TV studio
1) Dick Hutton b. Billy “Red” Lyons
2) Yukon Eric b. Steve Stanlee
3) Gene Kiniski drew Maurice LaPointe

November 24
WGR-TV studio
1) Dick Hutton b. Ken Kenneth 1
2) Gene Kiniski b. Maurice LaPointe
3) Edouard Carpentier b. Joe Christie

December 1
WGR-TV studio
1) Shag Thomas b. Alex Mulko
2) Dick Hutton drew Guy Brunetti
3) Joe Brunetti b. Karl Karlsson

December 8
pre-empted due to football

December 15
WGR-TV studio
1) Tony Verdi drew Ken Kenneth
2) Baron Gattoni b. Maurice LaPointe
3) Gene Kiniski b. Karl Karlsson

December 22

WGR-TV studio
1) Ted Lewin drew Ken Kenneth
2) Abe Zvonkin drew Maurice LaPointe
3) Sky Hi Lee b. Karl Karlsson

December 29
WGR-TV studio
1) Gene Kiniski b. Johnny Radchuk
2) Ilio DiPaolo b. Ken Kenneth
3) Pat O’Connor b. Abe Zvonkin


Thanks to Don Luce for calling the matches to our attention. Don in turn said Matt Buziak rechecked the Buffalo Morning Courier each Saturday for the lineups for the afternoon matches.