Chief White Owl

Al Friend: I was the referee for a match in Akron between Chief White Owl and Cowboy Frankie Lane against the Love Brothers that nearly caused a riot before it was over. I let the Love’s make a heal of me for a while by not letting Owl in the ring because of me not seeing a tag. When he finally got in the ring and did a comeback the roof nearly came off the top of the building.

Johnny Powers: I don’t know if any of us were able to make him a consistent main eventer but on the way up the ladder he was good. In tag teams, he was good.

Bruce Swayze: He was very popular in Buffalo. He was in semi-main events. They used him in some pretty good stuff. He had a running feud with Hans Schmidt, believe it or not. Hans put the boots on him pretty hard.

Jim Lancaster: White Owl was involved in one of the strangest main event finishes in the Farhat territory.The Kangaroos (Al Costello & Ray St. Clair) were the main event against Owl and Bobo Brazil. They traded falls, but in the third fall, Owl was making a big comeback. He threw that famous Tomahawk Chop at Costello who ducked, hooked both of Owl’s arms behind him and fell back for a clean 1-2-3 Neck Bridge pin right in the middle.

The fans were shocked because no heel EVER won a main event with a straight legal pinning maneuver in Farhat’s territory. The crowd was literally silenced as we got up and left the building after watching heels win clean. I thought I was going to be sick…He was always got a good reaction from the fans even though he lost more house show matches than he ever won.

Rick Gattone, ring announcer during many White Owl matches: He was a great guy. He had a very nice demeanor about him; certainly not a prima donna, not a big head. He was one of the guys. He was very down to earth, he was a soft-spoken guy. he was a complete gentleman and I remember him like it was yesterday. He was a beautiful guy and we did a lot of shows together; I mean, a lot of shows.