Oct. 2, 1961 – ‘Come back to Buffalo’

ImageHard to imagine anyone actually inviting Jack Pfefer to help out promoting in the early 1960s, but Yetter strongly suggested that Pfefer come to the Buffalo office and take over Syracuse, which had been a mainstay of the territory in the mid-1950s but lately had fallen on hard times. Even so, Yetter is optimistic about the upcoming season in Buffalo, noting that Martinez will run another Wrestlethon in 1962 on the heels of the successful event the year before, after all he grossed $2.6 million "and boy that isn't hay." And a side note to collectors who might see the calibre of the Buffalo arena program go down around this time. It seems that Yetter had a spat with the publisher and pulled out of it. A quarter just wouldn't buy much any more.