August 1961 – ‘$1,500,000’

ImageHere is the answer as to how successful the Buffalo promotion was in the early 1960s. Pedro Martinez grossed $1.5 million from wrestling. Now, we don't know if that is in one year or several years (actually, Yetter will tell us in letters yet to be posted), but in any event it is a sizable chunk of change. Notice that he definitely identifies the Funorama show as the biggest ever in Pedro's years as a promoter, which is saying something. Yetter again compliments Pfefer on his attempt to open up Denver against the promotional team of Jim Barnett and Johnny Doyle, an attempt that only lasted a few weeks. Harry Farrar was a Denver Post sportswriter who appeared to have an open page for Pfefer. The article that Yetter refers to is in J Michael Kenyon's WAWLI papers at this link.