October 1961 – ‘The Sheik’s got to win’

ImageHere's one of those cases where you wish you knew what Pfefer was upset about because he clearly was outlining a scenario that Yetter found distasteful. We'll never know exactly what it was, but it most ikely had to do with the ascension of Fred Kohler to the National Wrestling Alliance presidency in 1961. As Yetter notes, he's no fan of the NWA and considers it to be a promoters' cartel, which is what it was. His beef with Bearcat Wright is continuing. He refers to a Sheik-Wright bout, so this letter must have been written in early October 1961, as The Sheik and Wright had two bouts then. And his comment about Pedro Martinez' promotional skills is telling; that Martinez gets a hot hand "and plays it to the limit." Years later, this would be cited as one of the reasons for the fall of the promotion — in essence, burnout.