1961 – ‘What’s wrong with Wright?’

ImageIt's generally considered among historians that Bearcat Wright had something of an atttitude issue on occasion. In his autobiography, Fred Blassie tells of how Wright doublecrossed him to maintain a version of the world title in California, then sped for cover when promoters put him in the ring with Gene LeBell, who was prepared to take the title "the hard way." In this letter, it seems that Wright has objected to a fluff piece Yetter wrote and apparently took it out on Yetter. (We're looking for the piece from Ring magazine, circa 1961, by the way.) Yetter is very upset, actually indignant, about Wright's remarks, and is looking to Pfefer to intercede. Particularly interesting is the notion that Wright got the big head after beating Killer Kowalski is Pfefer's territory.