Cleveland – 1963

(Promoter-Larry Atkins)

January 17
1) Buddy Rogers NC Bobo Brazil, NWA world title match
2) Edouard Carpentier drew Killer Kowalski
3) Chris & John Tolos b. Bobo Brazil & Art Thomas, DQ
4) Ace Freeman b. Gypsy Joe
5) Buddy Austin b. Chuck Marconi

January 31
1) Buddy Rogers b. Bobo Brazil
2) Edouard Carpentier b. Killer Kowalski
3) Art Thomas b. Buddy Austin, DQ
4) Chris & John Tolos b. Miguel Perez & Pete Sanchez
4) Ace Freeman b. Tony Napolitan
5) Swede Hanson b. George Strickland

February 14
1) Buddy Rogers b. Edouard Carpentier
2) Bobo Brazil & Art Thomas b. Chris & John Tolos, DQ
3) Killer Kowalski b. Ace Freeman
4) Dory Dixon b. Gene Kelly
5) Sonny Boy Cassidy & Pancho Lopez b. Fuzzy Cupid & Irish Jackie

February 28

) Buddy Rogers b. Killer Kowalski
2) Dory Dixon b. Buddy Austin
3) Chris & John Tolos drew Bobo Brazil and Art Thomas
4) Karl Von Hess b. Chuck Marconi
5) Ace Freeman b. Bull Johnson
6) Billy Fox drew Tony Napolitan

March 28 Cleveland Arena (att. 7,509)
1) Dory
Dixon b. Buddy Rogers, DQ, to win WWWA world title. Rogers put his foot on the rope for leverage to pin Dixon. Referee Fred Weideman declared Rogers the winner, but officials at ringside noted the foot on the ropes. Rogers refused a commission order to continue the match and was DQ’ed.
2) Bruno Sammartino b. Buddy Austin
3) Karl Von Hess b. Ace Freeman
4) Bobo Brazil b. TNT Tony Napolitan
5) Chris & John Tolos b. Chuck Martoni and Pete Sanchez
6)  Billy Fox drew Ivan Zukoff

May 2
Cleveland Arena
1) Karl Von Hess b. Dory Dixon, DQ, to win WWWA world title, when Bobo Brazil entered ring to aid Dixon.
2) Bruno Sammartino and Argentina Apollo drew The Fabulous Kangaroos (Al Costello & Roy Heffernan)
3) Bobo Brazil b. Buddy Austin
4) Ace Freeman b. Gypsy Joe

November 1
1)  Bruno Sammartino b. Magnificent Maurice, WWWF world title match
2) The Fabulous Kangaroos b. Bobo Brazil & Ace Freeman
3) Hans Mortier b. Argentina Apollo
4) Gorilla Monsoon b. Miguel Perez
5) Pedro Morales b. Gordo Chihuahua

December 6
1) Chris & John Tolos b. The Fabulous Kangaroos

December 26
1) Killer Kowalski b. Bruno Sammartino
2) Chris & John Tolos b. Bobo Brazil and Dory Dixon
3) Argentina Apollo b. Magnificent Maurice
4) Tony Marino b. Gino Brito
5) Gorilla Monsoon b. Chief White Owl