March 6, 1974

REMATCH — MARCH 6, 1974 — ISSUE #16 — 20¢

Chief Jay Strongbow fought a bloody war with The Sheik in Toronto.

cover story:


For five years now, The Sheik has plagued Toronto’s Maple Leaf Gardens’ partisans by winning all of his matches. His streak is unrivaled in Canadian history. Of course, his success is mainly due to Abdullah Farouk – known not-so-affectionately as “The Weasel” to wrestling fans. Those two have put down every grappler – including Lord Athol Layton, Whipper Watson, John Quinn, Bu1ldog Brower, Johnny Powers, Pampero Firpo, The Assassin, Haystack Calhoun, Tex McKenzie, Tiger Jeet Singh, Dominic DeNucci, The Beast, and Sweet Daddy Siki, for Farouk has figured in almost every victory for The Sheik. What a bullet is to a gun, so is Farouk to The Sheik. Farouk has The Sheik’s “ammunition” – pencils, brass objects, rope; you name it and Farouk has it, and The Sheik uses it. Up to now, Farouk has never wrestled in a match, though his pencils do play a part in the matches. But now, Farouk will have to put up or shut up against Chief Jay Strongbow and Billy Red Lyons.

Chief Jay Strongbow is not your ordinary Indian. Soft-spoken outside of the ring, The Chief has a refreshing style inside the ring. This style has gained him fans in the wrestling world. He comes into the ring with bells on his boots, and the ringing reminds one of a cow coming to the bell to be slaughtered, for most often Strongbow does slaughter his opponent. Strongbow goes into a war dance, and comes out of it with knee lifts and tomahawk chops that usually cut down his opponents in less than five minutes. Strongbow, 245 pounds from Okalahoma, has defeated all of the WWWF wrestlers — George Steele, Stan Stasiak, Lou Albano, The Spoiler, Mike McCord, Larry “The Ax” Hennig, and was lured to Toronto by Frank Tunney. Strongbow origina1ly came here a year ago, and had a wild series of matches with The Sheik. Strongbow was a victim of Farouk’s arsenal of weapons, and was forced to depart. He was lured here by Tunney’s promise of a match with The Sheik. He came very quickly, ready to demolish The Syrian.

Billy Red Lyons was also steaming at The Sheik. He came to Toronto for not only The Sheik, but to reacquaint himself with his home town, Hamilton. He rose to the top and on December 16th of last year he got his chance. After 4 minutes, Billy had The Sheik helpless in the sleeper hold, but once again it was Farouk who turned defeat into victory. Farouk snuck up on Lyons and smashed him in the back with a very hard foreign object. Lyons dropped to the mat, and The Sheik covered him, all in 45 seconds. Therefore, Lyons had to work his way up again.

Strongbow’s match with The Sheik came much sooner than he expected. The Sheik was wrestling Andre the Giant one night, and he threw a palmful of fire into Andre’s face. Strongbow, a very good friend of Andre’s on the east coast, saw this and rushed to Andre’s assistance. He issued a challenge to The Sheik, and Farouk accepted it for The Sheik. Strongbow, although remaining seemingly calm out¬side the ring, had a hard time holding his anger back after Farouk’s verbal insults.

Page Two: Farouk’s verbal miscue

The Sheik ruled Maple Leaf Gardens.

Because Lyons knew of Farouk’s habit of interfering, he and The Chief came up with a plan. Lyons decided to stand four feet away from the ring during the big match, so he could watch Farouk. Abdullah, knowing of Lyons’ prowess, ranted and raved about this but to no avail. The big night, March 3, came, with Lyons accompanying Strongbow from the crowd of 10,000. The Sheik received his usual chorus of jeers, and the match was under way.

Strongbow came out fighting. The Sheik never had a chance. Strongbow’s knee lifts, tomahawk chops, and kicks absolutely dazed The Sheik. The Sheik never could get close enough to his corner to contact Farouk to receive the object. And even if he did, Lyons was there waiting. This forced Farouk to go to the air with his UFO (unidentified foreign object). However, The Sheik will never lead the NFL in receptions, because Strongbow intercepted the UFO and started pounding The Sheik with it. All of a sudden, something snapped in the Chief’s eyes and he went on to hammer with bigger-and-better things — the press table. This went over well with Lyons, but not with The Sheik and Farouk, and especially not with referee Tiger Tasker, who immediately DQ’ed Strongbow and gave the match to The Sheik, who was really in no condition to be thankful. Although the official ending was at 4:46, the unofficial ending was 10:00, for it took that long for about 10 wrestlers to separate the Strongbow from The Sheik.

Of course, the disqualification didn’t exactly make the Chief happy. He demanded, and got, an Indian Death Match. But the tale doesn’t end here. Farouk was later interviewed by Lord Athol Layton. Layton asked him about Lyons. Farouk said Lyons should stay in the ring and mind his own business. Now, when Farouk says that, it’s kind of like a hunter saying to a game warden, “Don’t kill any animals.” So Layton interrogated Farouk further and made him say, “I’ll get in the ring anytime, anywhere.” Farouk made a boo-boo. Lyons and Strongbow were listening to that, and so was promoter Frank Tunney. Lyons asked Layton, “Did he really say that?’ Layton, of course, said “Yes.” Lyons and the Chief ran to Tunney, and the Indian Death Match contract was discarded in place of a tag match – Lyons and Strongbow against The Sheik and Farouk. Farouk, now, started ranting and raving about the Death Match and the conspiracies against him, but to no avail. The match is ready – March 17 in the Maple Leaf Gardens – CHIEF JAY STRONGBOW & BILLY RED LYONS VS ABDULLAH FAROUK AND THE SHEIK!

Toronto Map1e Leaf Gardens – Toronto, Ontario – March 3
1) The Sheik beat Chief Jay Strongbow — disq.
2) Tiger Jeet Singh stopped Lee Henning with the cobra hold.
3) Johnny Valentine defeated the Executioner — disq.
4) Pampero Firpo bearhugged Ron Doner out of order.
5) Dominic DeNucci airplane-spinned Lou Klein.
6) The Crusader beat Big Brutus with the side supflex.
7) Sonny King defeated Johnny Fargo.
8) Chris Tolos and Steve Bolus drew.
9) The Love Brothers drew with Sweet Daddy Siki and The Beast.

Page Three: WWWF results

Nikolai Volkoff took Bruno Sammartino to a memorable time-limit draw in Madison Square Garden.


New York City — Madison Square Garden — March 4
1) Nikolai Volkoff held World Champion Bruno Sammartino to a sizzling curfew draw. Volkoff, 305 pounds out of Siberia, was effective in the first part of the match, and again at the end, where he almost had Bruno pinned three times. The 11:00 curfew ended the match, which saw the wrestlers in the ring wrestling for about 53 minutes.
2) Mr. Fuji downed Johnny Rodz after 10:14.
3) Toru Tanaka stopped Jose Gonzales in 8:59.
4) Tony Garea & Dean Ho defeated Stan Stasiak & Larry Hennig at 22:4
5) Chief Jay Strongbow beat Lou Albano by disq. in 4:35.
6) Pedro Morales defeated Otto von Heller.

Springfield, Mass. — February 16
1) Pedro Morales defeated Larry Hennig.
2) Manue1 Soto drew with Otto von Heller.
3) Nikolai Volkoff best Jose Gonza1es.
4) Chief Jay Strongbow beat Prof. Toru Tanaka — disq.
5) Dean Ho stymied Mr. X.
6) Tony Garea beat Pancho Valdez.

Peabody, Mass. — February 11
1) Chief Jay Strongbow beat Larry Hennig — countout.
2) Tony Garea & Dean Ho beat Mr. X and Mr. Fuji.
3) Otto von Heller beat Manuel Soto.
4) Jose Gonzales defeated Pancho Valdez.
5) Mike Pappas drew with Joe Turco.

Worcester, Mass. — February 7
1) Don Leo Jonathan drew with Chief Jay Strongbow.
2) Tony Garea & Dean Ho beat Larry Hennig & Otto von Heller.
3) Nikolai Volkoff beat Arnold Skaaland.
4) Manuel Soto beat Eddie Sullivan.
5) Gorilla Monsoon beat Pancho Valdez and Joe Turco.

Philadelphia, Pa. — February 23
1) Bruno Sammartino drew with Larry Hennig.
2) Mr. Fuji, Nikolai Volkoff, and Otto von Heller beat Dean Ho, Tony Garea, and Arnold Skaaland.
3) Gorilla Monsoon beat Stan Stasiak — COR.
4) Jose Gonzales beat Mr. X.
5) Johnny Rodz drew with Mike Pappas.
6) Manuel Soto beat Pancho Valdez.

Trenton, New Jersey — February 21
1) Pedro Morales beat Otto von Heller in 11:48.
2) Prof. Toru Tanaka beat Jose Gonzales after 13:11.
3) Joe Turco pinned Miguel Feliciano in 15:32.
4) Gorilla Monsoon stopped Mr. X after 11:22.
5) Johnny Rodz pinned Tomas Marin in 14:26.
6) Pancho Valdez pinned Lee Morgan in 11:52.

Baltimore, Maryland — March 5
1) Bruno Sammartino vs Don Leo Jonathan
2) Chief Jay Strongbow vs Stan Stasiak
3) Dean Ho vs Larry Hennig
4) Donna Christanello & Fabulous Moolah vs Peggy Patterson & Barbi Dahl
5) Manuel Soto vs Pancho Valdez
6) Joe Turco vs Ange1o Savoldi
7) Jose Gonza1es vs Tony Altomare

Madison Square Garden — April 1
1) Bruno Sammartino vs Nikolai Volkoff
2) Pedro Morales vs Larry Hennig
3) Tony Garea & Dean Ho vs Prof. Tanaka & Mr. Fuji
4) Stan Stasiak vs Chief Jay Strongbow
more bouts to be announced

Page Four: Missouri mats

Bobo Brazil earned an NWA world title shot against Jack Brisco in St. Louis.


St. Joseph, Missouri — February 22
1) Mike George and Jim Brunzell beat Bob Brown and Lord Al Hayes.
2) Donnie Fargo defeated Kit Conway.
3) Omar Atlas beat Baron Scicluna.
4) Bull Bullinski beat Tokyo Joe.
5) Reggie Parks drew with Billy Howard.

Kansas City, Kansas — February 21
1) Harley Race beat Bob Brown — DQ.
2) The Viking defeated Lord Al Hayes.
3) Donnie Fargo DDQ Omar Atlas.
4) Tokyo Joe beat Kit Conway.
5) Reggie Parks beat Baron Scicluna.
6) Jim Brunzell beat Bob Orton.
7) Bull Bullinski beat Billy Howard.
8) Ronnie Etchison beat Kobayoshi.

St. Joseph, Missouri — March 1
1) Bob Brown beat Bull Bullinski.
2) Omar Atlas won a ten man Battle Royale.
3) Jim Brunzell and Mike George beat Tokyo Joe and Baron Scicluna.
4) Omar Atlas beat Dr. Beech.
5) Reggie Parks beat Bobby Blaine.

St. Louis, Missouri — March 1
1) Luis Martinez and Billy Howard beat The Viking and Bob Orton.
1- Orton cradled Howard in 11:13.
2) Howard pinned Orton with a reverse rolling cradle – 1:29.
3) Martinez won it with a front rolling cradle on The Viking in 2:16.
2) Betty Nicolli defeated Sandy Parker with a cradle in 9:31.
3) Bobo Brazil stopped Tony Romano with coco-butts in 3:38.
4) Cowboy Bob Ellis and Pat O’Connor drew Terry Funk and Lord Al Hayes.
5) Bruno Sammartino dropped Bill Miller with a backbody press in 17:39.
6) Dick the Bruiser and Harley Race were both disqualified, after 13:25, in a Missouri Title Match. Race retains the title.

St. Louis, Missouri — March 15
1) NWA Title — Bobo Brazil vs Jack Brisco
2) Bruiser and Pat O’Connor vs Harley Race and Terry Funk
3) Reggie Parks vs Lord Al Hayes
4) Ron Fuller vs Bill Miller
5) Billy Lyons vs Moose Cholak
6) Viking, Percy Pringle, and Billy Howard vs Luis Martinez, Ronnie Etchison and Bobby Whitlock

Page Five: TV results and news

Steve Bolus worked a lot of tag matches in the Toronto circuit.

Erie TV — February 23
1) Johnny Fargo & The Executioner beat Frank Holtz & Mario Fraterolli.
1 – The Executioner pinned Fraterolli in 5:00.
2 – Fargo pinned Fraterolli in 5:00.
2) Ron Matteucci pinned Tiger Newman in 5:18.
3) Killer Kowalski and Waldo von Erich drew with Bruno Sammartino and Larry Zbyszko, 15:00.
4) Jim Grabmire pinned Eddie DeJesus (Dr. Eddie) after Eddie missed a dropkick.

Hamilton, Ont. TV – February 23
1) Billy Lyons and Steve Bolus beat Chris Tolos and Jim Lancaster. Lyons put Lancaster to sleep after 7:25.
2) Sonny King used a reverse cradle to stop Gypsy Joe after 2:20.
3) Tiger Jeet Singh used the Cobra Sleeper to win over Dr. Beech in 1:55.
4) The Crusader beat Bobby Blaine in 7:25 with the side supflex.
5) Hartford Love and Lee Henning beat Billy Fife and Danny Robinson. Love pinned Robinson with an elbow drop.

Erie TV — March 2
1) Stan Stasiak’s Heart Punch stopped Golden Boy Apollo in 4:26.
2) Johnny Fargo and The Executioner beat Ron Matteucci and Jack Vansky. Fargo pinned Vansky in 6:49.
3) Killer Kowalski defeated Larry Zbyszko by countout in 7:15.
4) Johnny DeFazio beat The Wolfman by disq. In 6:48.
5) Mickey Doyle drew with The Bearman – curfew expired.

Hamilton, Ont. TV — March 2
1) Steve Bolus and Billy Fife beat Lee Henning and Gypsy Joe. Bolus forced the Gypsy to submit to an Abdominal Stretch in 7:40.
2) Sonny King used 3:50 to beat Jim Lancaster with the Boston Crab.
3) Tiger Jeet Singh beat Bobby Blaine with the Cobra Hold in 3:40.
4) Billy Lyons beat Emmanuel Beech after 6:35 with the sleeper.
5) The Love Brothers defeated The Beast and Brian MacNee. Reginald Love pinned MacNee.

Brian MacNee is deaf and mute, as reported by TV announcer Sandy Hoyt … The Crusader continues to be a mystery. He invented a new hold, the side supflex, which is used to lay out his opponent for the pin. He takes his opponent’s arm and then buckles his foe’s leg. The foe falls to the mat, taking the brunt of the blow on his arm and back. The Crusader then land son top of him for the pin.


Erie — March 7
1) Bruno Sammartino vs Stan Stasiak
2) Killer Kowalski vs Dom DeNucci
3) Fargo & Executioner vs DeFazio & Zbyszko
4) Wolfman vs Golden Boy Apollo
5) Bearman vs Mickey Doyle

Cleveland — March 14
1) Steel Cage Match – Ernie Ladd vs Ox Baker – Sonny King, referee
2) 20 man Battle Royale with Crusher Verdu and Lou Thesz
3) Little Tokyo & Little Bruiser vs Little Louie & Bobo Johnson

3/17 – Toronto – Sheik & Farouk vs Lyons & Strongbow
3/25 – Kitchener
3/26 – Brantford

Page Six: The Masked Executioner

A specialist in wrestling and fish – The Executioner.

What do fish and a lot of disqualifications have in common? Answer — The Masked Executioner owns ’em both. And, due to a number of paradoxes in the masked man’s life, he remains as mysterious as ever. The two-time N.W.F. Tag team Champion (partnered with Kurt von Hess and Chief White Owl) has brought out a bevy of arguments not found in your ordinary masked man.

The obvious question about The Executioner is to his identity. Who is underneath that black and gold mask? Much conjecture has revolved around that question, but it yet to be answered. When The Executioner came in N.W.F. wrestling centers in 1970, he formed a tag team with Kurt von Hess, a team that was to become N.W.F. Tag titleists under the auspices of Colonel Beauregard Van Buren III. This trio of mat fiends was most successful until they met Chief White Owl and Luis Martinez. The Indian and Mexican dethroned Hess and Ex in a two out of three falls match, which saw the breakup of the two villains. The Executioner decided he wanted to play it by the book and he promptly started a feud with von Hess and Eric the Red, a 300-pound mastodon from Denmark. The Executioner shifted from his formerly all-black outfit to a pair of black tights with a gold stripe down the side. Occasionally, he would don a yellow and black wrestling shirt. But it was at this time that the first question as to his identity came about.

Originally, nobody really knew who he was. That situation really hasn’t changed. One guess that was offered was that of Bruce Swayze. This guess was widely presumed at the time due to the physical similarities between the two, as well as the presence of a moustache under the mask. (Swayze, too, wears a moustache.) The fact that Swayze and The Executioner were usually on the same arena cards enhanced this belief, since they had never been together. But in late 1972, Swayze and The Executioner started tagging up, and the theory went down the drain. Other rumors about The Executioner’s identity were dispelled because of physical differences, records of matches, and different techniques. To this day, though, the mask stays on, and the true secret of the man from parts unknown remains a perplexing mystery, to be solved only by the man who can get the mask off. So far, that has not happened.

That’s not all that remains a question mark, though. There is the wrestler himself. How good is he? He, early in his N.W.F. career, was able to score victories in tag matches with most partners. He also went to a number of draws with wrestlers like Eric the Red, von Hess, Hans Schmidt, and others. He was able to beat any inferior competition pit in front of him. All in all, he was a good solid wrestler. But then he traveled to Detroit, where he found it tough going, losing to preliminary wrestlers and mediocre men he should have beaten. But at the same time, he was appearing in the N.W.F. and forming a formidable tag team with Vic Rossitani, who taught the masked man the sleeper hold. This gave rise to a rumor that there were two Executioners. But that wasn’t the answer. It was, and is, inexplicable how he could go to a draw with Tony Marino, and lose to Lou Klein in the same week.

Apparently, The Executioner found the going a bit rough. He started to appear in the Pittsburgh area, where he regained his lost magic. But Baron Scicluna, a tough star in his own right, asked The Executioner to form a tag team with him. The duo joined forced and called themselves “The Destroyers” tag team. They had a lot of success until they fell to Victor Rivera and Manuel Soto in a joust, and they parted on friendly ways – evidenced by the fact that they tag up today.

Page seven: More on The Executioner

In the past year, The Executioner has claimed a new title – “Mr. Disqualification.” The masked man has improved quite a bit in his profession, but apparently he is unwilling to be pinned. On fourteen shows in the Steel City of Pittsburgh in 1973, The Executioner faced preliminary wrestlers and won all six times he entered the ring. Twice he battled to draws (against Johnny DeFazio and Mexican Luis Martinez), but he was disqualified four times for a disqualification percentage of 29%. This is quite high in today’s annals, but consider for a moment a little survey that was taken on The Executioner in his first 24 1974 matches. The Executioner won ten of these bouts, and he was also disqualified in ten of those bouts. In other words, The Executioner was disqualified about 45% of the time – almost as often as some wrestlers are disqualified in three or four years.

All this leads up into the title of “Mr. Disqualification.” The Executioner has stated that he wears a mask due to a former foe disfiguring his face permanently. (Exactly who this foe is, no one seems to know.) But maybe there are other reasons for the mask. One may be his fish world. The Executioner breeds and collects and he has, from sources’ notes, about seven hundred tanks of fish. He has even delivered a number of lectures on fish to various groups. It is possible that The Executioner is a well known man in the area, merely wearing a mask to protect his true identity from the effete snobs who would laugh at him being a professional wrestler. Or again, maybe his face is disfigured. Since this is what he claims, one must logically assume this to be the truth. However, a great number of foes can tell you not to respect the word of the masked man.

Or maybe there is no reason. Could The Executioner just be a wrestler who wears a mask for his own good? Perhaps he is another wrestler who wears a mask for the sake of wearing a mask. But whatever the reason, all wrestling fans are waiting for the day that the oft-disqualified wrestler’s true identity will be revealed. It may be revealed or it may not. Mat followers await the outcome.


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