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January 26, 1953
Roll Arena (att. 600)
1) Danno O'Shocker & Black Panther (Jim Mitchell) b. Bull Montana & Mr. Satan, 2/3 falls
2) Lou (Little) Darling b. Tiger Jackson, DQ
3) Bull Montana b. Black Panther
3) Mr. Satan b. Danno O'Shocker

February 9, 1953
Roll Arena (att. 500)
1) Tom Thumb b. Tuffy McCray, 2/3 falls, 18:30
2) Black Panther (Jim Mitchell) b. Mr. Satan
3) Ted Marshall b. Doc Gallagher, DQ, 9:30
4) Doc Gallagher & Mr. Satan (Mike Ryan) b. Black Panther & Ted Marshall, 2/3 falls

February 23, 1953
Elyria Catholic High School (att. 700)
1) Ella Waldek b. Nina Lynn, 36:00
2) Mr. Satan b. Faish Gordon, 20:00
3) Gino Angelo b. French Roy, 22:15
4) Frenchy Roy & Faish Gordon b. Mr. Satan & Gino Angelo, 2/3 falls

March 16, 1953
Roll Arena
1) Bull Montana b. French Roy, 2/3 falls
2) Mr. Satan b. Chuck Molnar
3) Juanita Coffman b. Marlene Mercid

March 23, 1953
Roll Arena (att. 400)
1) Tom Thumb & Pancho the Bull b. Tuffy McCray & Tiger Jackson, 2/3 falls, CO in third
2) Chuck Molnar b. Ted Marshall
3) Danno O'Shocker vs Mr. Satan (no result reported)

March 30, 1953
Roll Arena
1) Cowboy Len Hughes b. Tiger Jack Moore, 2/3 falls
2) Cora Combs b. Betty Hawkins, 2/3 falls
3) Mr. Satan b. Steve Nenoff

April 13, 1953
Roll Arena
1) Betty White & Babs Wingo b. Juanita Coffman & Jo Ann Jordan, 2/3 falls, DQ in thirrd
2) Rocky Colombo b. Lord Thompson, 2/3 falls
3) Billy Fox b. Mr. Satan

Elyria Chronicle Telegram, April 22, 1953: "Wrestling in Elyria at the Roll Arena will be discontinued. Announcement to that effect was made today by Mike Ryan of Cleveland, who with Bob Elck and Buck Roberts of Elyria, promoted Rizzuto two shows at the Cleveland Road skating rink after Jack Pettit moved out.

Ryan, who wrestles under the name "Mr. Satan" and also promotes shows at the Hotel Antlers in Lorain, reported that the overhead connected with promoting the game in Elyria is too high and that the show scheduled for next Monday night has been canceled. Ryan also said that he and Elck are lookingfor another local spot in which to stage shows.

Ryan announced that he will continue to run shows in Lorain and that his next program at the Antlers Hotel will be held on Friday night, May 8th. The feature that night will find tri-state (Ohio – Indiana – Michigan) light heavyweight champion Rocco Columbo meeting Billy Fox. Juanita Coffman is also listed to appear on the coming Antlers card with her opponent to be announced later."

Elyria Chronicle Telegram, May 1, 1953: "Mike Ryan (Mr. Satan to wrestling fans) reports from Toledo that he hopes to resume the promotion of the game in Elyria and that his ultimate aim is to conduct shows in both this city and Lorain. . . Writes Mike: "Before the year is out I hope to be running weekly cards both in Elyria and Lorain and in that event I expect to make my home in the Elyria-Lorain area."

Cleveland – 1952

Promoter-Jack Ganson

March 13, 1952
Cleveland Arena (att. 11,254)
1) Buddy Rogers b. Ruffy Silverstein, DQ
2) Jack Claybourne b. Ernie Dusek
3) Fred Bozic b. Emil Dusek
4) Antonino Rocca b. Gene Stanlee
5) Mary Jane Mull & Lorraine Johnson b. Therese Theis & Joan Mullins

Mansfield – 1961

Nov. 7, 1961
711 Hall
1) Mike & Doc Gallagher b. Ilio DiPaolo & Tony Marino, 2/3 falls
2) Tony Marino drew Ramon Lopez, 45:00
3) Crusher b. Don Kindred, backbreaker, 20:18

Martins Ferry – 1974

Martins Ferry High School
April 13, 1974
1) Johnny Fargo b. Frank Holtz, 10:05
2) Pete Sanchez drew The Executioner, 15:00
3) Billy "Red" Lyons b. John Fargo, DQ, 13:40
4) Bruno Sammartino & Dominic DeNucci b. George Steele & Baron Mikel Scicluna, DQ, 23:47
(Thanks to Jim Tighe)

Dover – 1959

April 7, 1959
Memorial Hall (att. 850)
1) Bill Miller & Ilio DiPaolo b. Doc & Mike Gallagher, 2/3 fallsm DQ in 3rd
2) Dick Beyer drew Fred Atkins
3) Bobby Brown b. Frank Fozo, 2./3 falls

Mansfield – 1970

May 8
711-CIO Hall
1) Bull Curry b. Ben Justice, 23:06. Justice must leave area for minimum of six months.
2) Diane Baker & Tammy O'Connor b. Linda Klein & Patty Drake, 2/3 falls
3) The Stomper b. Mike Loren, 24:03, DQ
4) Linda Klein b. Tammy O'Connor, 9:21